For Hire

Events & Catering
Björn DelaCruz offers a kaleidoscope of playful, and imaginative cuisines tailored to each individual event. Menus are thoughtfully constructed with the host, utilizing only the freshest seasonal ingredients.

"Bjorn, when you cook for someone, it's like you're touching them from the inside."
                          - Matisse Giddings, Bloomington,IN

Björn operates on a fee plus cost for food service.
Plated parties for two to fifteen people are charged a per diem chef rate of $400 - $1000 plus the cost of food. A typical party of four courses for twelve people will take about ten to twelve hours depending on the difficulty of the menu. The cost of food will vary on the basis of the menu selection. Servers can also be arranged for an additional charge.

Hors d'oeuvres and/or buffet style parties are charged at a $135.00 per hour rate plus the cost of food.

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Personal Chef Service
Contact Björn for availability for temporary or permanent personal chef work.  He has experience organizing intimate private events and working as a personal chef with clientele in New York City, New Hampshire, and North Dakota.  His extensive, resourceful, and diverse work/travel experience makes him the ideal chef for your next vacation in the US or abroad.

Clients are charged an hourly rate of $85 per hour or $600 - $1000 per diem.
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