Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Mini Cupcakes by Jae's Sinful Delights

If you’re like me, you do everything you can to make a moment with your friends or family absolutely perfect with every detail executed perfectly and as much as possible homemade. In reality, I end up frazzled and rushed and sometimes the last thing I am able to do is create bakery-quality cupcakes that both “Wow!” and push flavors to move and evoke emotion. As you all know, I love to bake and cook, but simply cannot always execute my ideas with todays busy schedules and the pressure of a party looming over me. As such,  I was so excited my close friend and talented baker, Jae, started his own cupcake business, Jae's Sinful Delights. The perfect fit for any gathering requiring a special touch that will keep guest talking and wanting an invite to your next soirée.

Jae's Sinful Delights is the latest creation of food enthusiast and Pastry Chef, Jae Camino. Jae has been baking since he was a toddler in his mother's kitchen, helping her run a successful catering business. Today Jae uses his innovative concepts with classic desserts and different flavor combinations to create unique products that set him apart from others in the industry.
Jae's Sinful Delights uses only the highest-quality organic ingredients, from cane sugar to real butter and eggs. No preservatives are ever used.
With locations in Miami and NYC, Jae is currently taking orders for all private events, weddings and birthdays by appointment only.
My personal favorite is the mini Coconut Cupcakes w/ Chocolate Bavarian Cream Filling & Dulce De Leche Butter cream frosting. It’s a perfect mini cupcake that’s both stylishly innovative and all together reminiscent of my childhood. 

 Along with producing full flavored and truly inspired cupcakes, Jae’s strong point is execution and presentation.  His attention to detail with every fondant lotus petal perfectly placed and every butter cream flavored with a balance never too sweet as to distract from the carefully harmonized cake that of each delectable bite is the foundation of why Jae’s Sinful Delights will and is already a force to be reckoned with in an already crowded and competitive arena both here in NYC and Miami.  Enough of me rambling on about the cakes and have a look at the pictures below.

 Also, visit Jae’s website at www.jaessinfuldelights.com and be sure to order for your next birthday, dinner party, celebration or any casual occasion that could be livened up with a few mini cupcakes. 

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