Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Volume in the Ground

The new album from acclaimed hip-hop artist Adeem is ready to be consumed!

The Volume in the Ground is available digitally everywhere and it has even made the front page of the Itunes hip hop section! You can get the album HERE plus an exclusive digital booklet thingy.

If you didn't know already, I was so fortunate to collaborate with Adeem on this project. Tons of time and hard work went in to this project from sessions until 4am trying to get the right feel for a line, cold blizzardy nights braving racist backwoods folks, to shouting in complete darkness to simulate being buried alive and countless discussions over "tofu roll-your-owns" about the order of the songs.

I really have to congratulate Adeem and everyone that has had their hand in this project to make sure it is the best possible work we were able to produce. You are all amazing, talented, and patient!

Me and Adeem tearing it up at UNH back in 2009!

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